Screen Printing Services

Working with the latest in Screen Printing technology, Make Merchandise brings you a streamlined , high-quality graphic experience. Whether looking for simple single colour prints or specialist finishes such as glow in the dark, glitter or discharge. Sydney based Make Merchandise provides you all screen printing services. We work with textile, plastisol and water-based inks to ensure the desired finish for a range of needs and can advise you on the budget screen printing to achieve the best results for your merchandise. 

In spite of the fact that machine screen printing differ other printing services as far as speed and volume, it does in any case hold a huge piece of the pie from various perspectives. It is the most flexible of all printing procedures. The quality of screen printing is its capacity to print practically any ink onto any surface, being generally utilized in industrial merchandising just as graphics and packaging. It can print on for all intents and purposes any material, from ordinary papers and sheets to metals, glass, textures and plastics, just as printing legitimately onto irregular-shaped objects , for example, bottles, cans and ceramics. Screen printing has additionally remained a center innovation for piece of apparel printing. And keeps on being the most mainstream system for Screen Printing T-shirts.