Frequently Asked Questions

Product Design Questions

What type of art files do you accept?

We will accept a wide range of file types but prefer AI, PSD, EPS, PDF, PNG or TIFF files. Others can be acceptible, but the most important aspect of art submission is that the files are at least 300DPI and have been created to the scale or larger than they will be printed at to ensure there is no distortion, pixelation or blur when increased to print size

How do I make sure I get the colour print I want?

Colors look different on every computer screen which is why we use the Pantone Solid Coated System to match our colors. If you have access to them, please send us the Pantone Solid Coated numbers you want for your design. It will allow us to match your colors as accurately as possible. If you don't know your Pantone color, we will provide you with the closest-matched Pantone to your provided artwork or requested colour.

Exact color matching can't be guaranteed but we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Can you edit or create my artwork for me?

If you would like assistance in setting up artwork or consulting with graphic designers for your job we have in house designers as well as a range of creatives we can recommend and love working with to make sure you get the right design for your needs. Every design job is different and would be quoted according to the time and style required.

Manufacturer Defects

While our manufacturers and all suppliers endeavour to avoid any defects and we hope to catch defects in the production and decoration process, if a minor defect slips through we are happy to consult with the manufacturer to seek a resolution to the issue. Our focus is always ensuring you receive what you have ordered and are happy with the quality of every aspect of the job.

Pricing Questions

How will you price my order?

Each job is different so rather than provide generic pricing we prefer to quote each job individually to ensure you are getting what you are after. Pricing can be based on a variety of factors including garment, amount ordered, number of colours, decoration method, turn around time and more. We have price breaks at 26, 51, 126, 251, 501, 1001, 2501, etc to ensure that the more you print the cheaper it gets, refecting our economies of scale. We are committed to providing you the best product at the best price and are always open to price matching if you are provided with a cheaper quote elsewhere.

What is the standard turnaround time for orders?

Once we have approval of the job details and have recieved payment of the invoice we will put the job into production. For the majority of screen printing there would be a 3-5 Business Day Turn Around. Promotional Products and Embroidery have a 5-7 Business Day turnaround. Larger orders and special made to order stock may have a longer lead time, but your salesperson will always advise this when quoting and approving your job.

Can I rush my order?

We are able to rush orders through in certain circumstances based upon stock availability and other production deadlines we have in place. If your job is urgent please advise us of this as early as possible to ensure we can schedule other jobs accordingly. There may be an express completion fee associated with rush orders based upon our need to schedule additional staff or cover other express shipping costs from suppliers.

Can I order items that I do not see on

If we loaded up our website with every item we had access to, we would never do anything else, so there is only a selection of the more popular items on the website. If there is anything you don't see, just ask and we will let you know if we are able to supply it for you.

Can I send my order requests via email instead of the website?

Of course! We know the online form is clean and easy, but sometimes you have more questions than answers and we can help lay out all the options for you. Shoot an email through to [email protected] with as many details, designs or questions as you have and the next available sales person will get back to you directly with everything you need.

Shipping Questions

How will my order ship?

We work with a range of shipping and courier companies to ensure fast and cost effective delivery of your good locallly, interstate or internationally. Each order is different but East Coast capital cities can expect shipments in 1-2 days, regional hubs and Adelaide in 2-4 days and for Perth, Darwin and rural areas we recommend allowing 3-5 days. These times are subject to disruptions by conditions out of our control and for all time sensitive orders we suggest discussing exact options and pricing with your salesperson when booking in an order

Can I ship to multiple locations?

Of course! If you'll be doing some traveling and want your order to ship to your destination(s), be it different points along a tour, conference journey or whatever else, we can co-ordinate drop shipments to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your order split however you desire.

Billing Questions

How can I pay for my order?

We accept a wide variety of payments including Direct transfer to our specified bank account, credit card payment, paypal, Afterpay, Cash payments and Cryptocurrency. Some of these methods will incur a transaction fee. Please confirm with us prior to organising payment what the transaction fee will be for your desired method of payment. If you do not see your desired payment method listed, please consult your salesperson.

Can you invoice me?

Payment for goods is required before receipt of the goods. Extended Invoice Billing terms may be available to established businesses with application approval and should be applied for if needed, prior to placing your initial order. Please consult your salesperson if this is required.